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  • FMCSA looking to lower carrier registration fees for at least next two years September 20, 2017
    In its proposal, the agency says for the 2018 registration year, beginning Oct. 1, 2017, registration fees would be reduced below the current level by approximately 9.1 percent.
    Matt Cole
  • New engine oils, now recommended by all OEMs, show extended drain intervals, better fuel economy September 20, 2017
    The trucking industry’s transition to a new generation of engine oils, which began last December, has gone smoothly, say top engineers for Shell Rotella. All OEs now recommend their use, and all engine makers have extended drain intervals.
    James Jaillet
  • CCJ Solutions Summit speakers to touch on fleet growth, crisis management, more September 20, 2017
    CCJ Solutions Summit attendees will hear from several speakers on topics ranging from growing business, boosting company morale, CSA and crisis management.
    CCJ Staff
  • Coretex integrates two-way reefer commands with McLeod Software September 20, 2017
    McLeod Software users can remotely control refrigerated trailers from within LoadMaster operational screens.
    Aaron Huff
  • BorgWarner’s integrated magnetic switch September 20, 2017
    BorgWarner’s aftermarket Smart Integrated Magnetic Switch is suited for Class 6-8 on-highway trucks for integration with the company’s 39MT heavy-duty starter. Six functions are designed to improve the starter’s durability and reliability by protecting it from potential damage caused by system or operator error: • In case of click-no-crank, an engagement monitor automatically retries the […]
    CCJ Staff
  • Air-Weigh’s spring-ride trailer scale September 20, 2017
    Air-Weigh’s next-generation LoadMaxx Trailer Scale now is available for spring-ride suspensions. LoadMaxx combines the company’s previous LoadMaxx and Quickload trailer scales into one trailer scale with two options: LoadMaxx base model, and LoadMaxx with ComLink. LoadMaxx has an icon-based touchscreen display, built-in LED alarm lights, dual-point calibration, a high-precision pressure sensor for weight accuracy, compensation […]
    CCJ Staff
  • Test drive: Mack Anthem September 20, 2017
    After more than a decade on the highway, Mack’s Pinnacle tractor will yield its position as the company’s flagship long-haul truck next model year. Anthem – a tractor that made its debut last week and will replace the Pinnacle axle back models that have helped Mack carve out about a 2 percent share of the long-haul […]
    Jason Cannon
  • FedEx Freight wins fifth straight TMC Tech Skills title September 20, 2017
    FedEx is the only fleet to ever win the team competition since it began five years ago.
    Jonathan Willis

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