Employee Recognition For Excellence

 In Fortrans News

2018 – January FORTRANS recognizes the commitment displayed by the professional team of over-the-road drivers working for us and our customers. When a driver meets and exceeds expectations, then excellence occurs. We award these drivers annually with a safety and longevity bonus, which includes either a certificate or a plaque and a monetary bonus. To qualify these drivers must have had no preventable accidents/incidents, no citations issued, no freight claims, no late pickups or deliveries and provide excellent customer service. In 2017 we had five drivers earn this safety bonus. Together these five drivers have logged over 3.2 million miles with our company. We would like to congratulate and thank you all for your hard work and dedication to being professional drivers. These drivers are: Tony Bonneau, Tim Erdmann, Dan Hartley, Greg Oskins and Tom Westphal.

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