Our goals is to provide a full range of services with the flexibility to meet your most demanding requirements.

In addition to the premium shipping services, we offer warehousing for storage and distribution.  Heavy-duty equipment maintenance and repair services are also available. We strive to deliver our services with a family’s personal touch.


  • Approximately eighty years ago, Fort Transportation and the Gustave A. Larson Company started their respective operations, building on the tenets of providing legendary customer service. In 2008, Fort Transportation and Larson Company began a partnership as I made a decision to switch carriers. In my twenty—five years of experience in distribution and logistics, I don’t recall a more seamless, smooth and enjoyable transition between carrier and shipper. Fort Transportation has proven to us that they value us as a customer and I look forward to continuing our business partnership for many years to come.

    Greg Toler
    Greg Toler Gustave A. Larson Company / Vice President of Distribution and Logistics
  • I have worked for a manufacturer as the Traffic Manager for over 22 years.  Our freight is primarily LTL and ships all over the country.  Fort Transportation has always been a very reliable source for our regional freight.  When I need a volume quote or flat pallet rate, Fort has come through with competitive rates and excellent service.  They are prompt to pick up and deliver in a timely manner.

    Traffic Manager – Madison, WI
  • “Fort Transportation covers our freight and is willing to go the extra mile on making sure the freight is picked up and delivered with no issues.  Customer service and problem resolution is quickly and efficiently achieved with their help.”

    Shipping & Receiving Manager / Madison, WI
  • "Fort Transportation has been providing us with high-quality service since 2009. The drivers are reliable, and our account representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. We appreciate their prompt, accurate billing process and easy-to-use website. When our customers request an affordable, hassle-free shipping option, we recommend Fort."

    Coleen Pike
    Coleen Pike Industrial Associates
  • "Fort Transportation has been providing us with high-quality, dependable service. One of our  top priorities is damage-free deliveries for a difficult product line, and Fort Transportation ensures that happens. Invoicing is clean with no surprises which is a luxury these days. When problems do occur, they are collaborative and pro-active and solutions are resolved to everyone's satisfaction. We appreciate the small size approach of Fort Transportation, as it allows us to get to know the people, rather than departments. When our customers need a dependable shipping service, we recommend Fort Transportation."

    Gene Lattanzio
    Gene Lattanzio Glenroy Inc / Senior Traffic Manager
  • When calling in a freight pick up I am always met with amiable, courtesies and service. I truly appreciate the professional, yet human demeanor of your staff.

    Steve American Building Restoration / Product Specialist
  • I call the top 20 carriers every day.  It goes without saying that the customer service reps are responsible for the first  impression of your company. Your employee, Marnie Leslie, ranks at the top of the list of exceptional CSR’s.  Marnie’s willingness to help, her attention to detail and the smile in her voice are priceless. One key component to me as the caller is the level of confidence I feel from any CSR, do they understand what they are talking about?  Are the answers to my questions reliable?   Marnie knocks it out of the park. LTL is not an exact science and we need people who are capable of thinking and expressing themselves quickly.  I was SUPER impressed that Marnie was able to retrieve 6 out of 7 Pro numbers for the 3rd party loads for CH Robinson. We were able to retender the 7th load for the same day pick up. We accomplished in about 10 minutes what would take other carriers about 25 – 30 minutes. I have not been working with your company for very long but I look forward to a healthy working relationship in the future.

    Sue Harris
    Sue Harris C.H. Robinson / Operations Representative
  • I agree with the sentiment that Fort treats its customers with great care. I'm always amazed that when I deal with them, I often wind up very quickly speaking with the Vice President who handles my simple requests with speed, efficiency and high accuracy. There's no monkeying around and the resulting service is exceptional. Fort truly cares for each and every customer, whether you're spending $100 a year with them, or $30,000. I wish I could reward them with more business.

    Chad Adrian Heraeus Electro-Nite / Materials Manager
  • "I receive the highest level of customer service no matter who I interact with and they make every inquiry easy to get answers."

    Corinne Stingl
    Corinne Stingl CH Robinson / Operations
  • Best Company with the Best Customer Service!

    Deborah Rapey
    Deborah Rapey LUXX Light Technology / Office Manager

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