Fort Transportation has 100,000 square feet of dry warehouse space.

  • Looking for additional storage space?
  • A new distribution center?
  • Shortening your response times to customers?

Let our team of professionals develop a plan just for you.

Our facilities are conveniently located in Southeastern Wisconsin with easy access to Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford and Chicago.

Our Services Include:

  • BOTH, long & short term agreements.

  • On site personnel to assist in your operations.

  • Flexible service options matched to your needs.

  • Our own transportation companies, FORT and FORTRANS, at your disposal to move your goods in an expedited and claims free service.

Interested in our warehouse services?

Our warehouse services include: both, long and short term agreements, on site personnel to assist in your operations, flexible services options matched to your needs, and our own transportation companies at your disposal to move your goods.

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